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Helius achieves GACP Certification

Helius Therapeutics has received Good Agricultural and Collection Practice (GACP) certification at its purpose-built medicinal cannabis facility in East Tamaki, Auckland. Recognised globally, GACP is a leading certification standard for medicinal cannabis. It outlines minimum requirements for growers in creating high quality, consistent flower.

“Achieving GACP is another key milestone for the Helius team in our journey to full site certification. GACP is a well-recognised requirement for medicinal cannabis in many countries. Gaining this certification will only open more doors as we now unleash our export strategy,” says Carmen Doran, chief executive of Helius Therapeutics.

What is GACP?

GACP (Good Agriculture and Cultivation Practices) is a rigorous set of standards supported by the World Health Organisation (WHO) that many countries recognise as a benchmark for the highest standard of safety, sustainability and quality in relation to the cultivation of pharmaceutical plant products.

To become GACP certified a company must undergo multiple audits that comply with strict guidelines pertaining to quality control, distribution practices and contamination preparation. Only a handful of NZ medicinal cannabis companies are GACP certified, and these standards are closely monitored throughout the entire cultivation process up until the manufacturing of our medicinal plant products.

What does being GACP certified mean for Helius?

Not only does being GACP certified mean that our patients can continue to put their trust in Helius and our products, but these standards are vital for any company that wishes to export their products overseas.

Since the benchmark for GACP is equal among many countries all over the world, having a GACP certification shows foreign governments and companies that we adhere to the same quality and safety standards as they do. This verification of our credibility, reliability and transparency as a business allows new opportunities to external markets worldwide.

What’s next?

Being GACP certified means we can start to focus on exporting our products overseas. As other countries continue to adopt medicinal cannabis as a legitimate form of treatment, Helius can strive to provide our pharmaceutical products to patients in need all over the globe. This is extremely important to us at Helius because it allows us to continue providing safe, quality medicines for many new Zealander’s while also bringing us one step closer to our goal of providing health for all humanity.

To visit the WHO website and learn even more about GACP, click here

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