Helius is leading the way for cannabinoid medicine in New Zealand. 


We are on track to become one of New Zealand's first GMP certified medicinal cannabis producers. NZ-GMP and the equivalent of EU-GMP, recognised in all PIC/S countries as the gold standard in quality. We’ve invested in quality because we believe New Zealand made medicinal cannabis products should be among the best in the world.


We are a diverse team of professionals across research and development, analytics, quality, horticulture and botany, medicines manufacturing, supply chain, security, finance, marketing, sales and operations. Helius is working within New Zealand's scientific community, carving out a position as leaders in the local industry, investing heavily in research, product development, technology and delivery systems.


New Zealand is rich in agricultural expertise and renowned for its innovation. Helius fuses advanced, controlled growing techniques with world-class cannabis R&D experience. We pride ourselves on bringing a high level of professionalism to the medicinal cannabis industry, and we believe in its enormous potential to promote a healthier society. 


Helius is dedicated to producing New Zealand’s safest, highest quality cannabis therapeutics. Our products are made from the premium cultivars, grown in the country's largest and most sophisticated cultivation facility. Our systems, advanced technologies and indoor-controlled production processes mean our products are precise and reliable. 


Our medicines are produced in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices, known as GMP. This ensures all Helius products are consistent, safe and reliable. GMP is the world’s gold standard for medicinal products.


Helius products are tested for microbiological purity, metals and mycotoxins. Rigorous testing means our preparations are free of escherichia coli (e. coli) and salmonella. Other microorganisms are kept well below food-safe levels. Tests for cannabinoid concentration, including CBD and THC, ensure Helius patients receive only the highest quality products.


Our medical-grade cannabis will pass a release process to ensure the strictest quality and safety specifications are met. Our products are traceable from the mother plant material to the client package, and they are assigned identification numbers to be used in the unlikely event of diversion or recall.


Helius products will be cultivated and manufactured in a controlled environment to ensure consistency of each batch. Inputs, including irrigation water, nutrients and growing medium, are all stringently tested. Plant health and bio-material quality are a direct result of our consistent, safe practices.


Our integrated practice means we do not use any chemical pesticides in our production process.


Helius is committed to an ongoing program of advanced research, supporting the development of safe, effective medicinal cannabis products. Our research into genetics, high-yielding chemotypes, new and novel delivery systems, along with clinical trials, all play their part in developing our leading cannabis products. 


New Zealand-grown cannabis has vast therapeutic potential. It’s the world’s most pharmacologically active plant, containing hundreds of beneficial compounds, including cannabinoids and terpenes. The efficacy of cannabinoids in treating a variety of both acute and chronic conditions is an area of medicine that demands thorough study.


As consumer demand shifts towards nutraceuticals, and cannabis reform sweeps across the world, New Zealand is set to become the Asian-Pacific cannabis innovation hub. From here, scientists in the Helius R&D team will thoroughly study the plant and its derivatives.



Helius takes a responsible approach to developing relationships between the companies and communities we serve. As New Zealand’s foremost medicinal cannabis producer, our corporate social responsibility is a vital part of delivering business success.


Helius will always determine the social, environmental and economic impacts associated with our business practices. This extends through our entire supply chain, to the patients we serve. Helius regularly reviews all policies and business practices to encourage engagement with communities, staff and business partners, to promote responsible development. 


We pride ourselves on conducting our business according to rigorous ethical, professional and legal standards, in every respect. This includes compliance with New Zealand legislation that regulates our industry, and the maintenance of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) to meet the world's highest quality standards.

Helius is also working on a compassionate pricing programme for Kiwis with a Community Services Card. This program is called Helius Assist.

What's in a name?

As the medicinal cannabis industry moves out of the shadows, it will establish itself among the most highly regulated business environments in the world, on par with financial services and healthcare in terms of depth and complexity within the regulatory framework.​

The Helius brand is designed to reflect our high professional standards as a world-class therapeutics producer. Our brand helps to differentiate us from traditional pharmaceuticals companies. This identity reflects our quality, modernity, innovation, trust and professionalism

In Greek mythology, Helius was the titan god of the sun; a guardian of oaths, and the god of sight. The name, Helius, reflects our three core values; harnessing the power of nature (the sun), delivering results for our people, our patients and society as a whole (the oaths), and relentless innovation (the sight).