Helius announced as first New Zealand Grown cannabis producer

The Buy New Zealand Made Campaign have licensed the first Kiwi medicinal cannabis manufacturer in New Zealand.

Buy New Zealand Made medicinal cannabis
Helius Therapeutics is now licensed as New Zealand Grown by The Buy New Zealand Made Campaign

Auckland-based Helius Therapeutics has become the first medicinal cannabis company to receive a license to carry the New Zealand Grown trademark, approved by The Buy New Zealand Made Campaign.

The New Zealand Grown trademark is the license for products cultivated in New Zealand, similar to the Buy New Zealand Made trademark for products manufactured in New Zealand.

Cannabis products developed by Helius will be recognised as New Zealand Grown

Helius is by far New Zealand’s largest licensed cannabis company with more than 20,000sqm of precision-controlled cultivation space. The New Zealand Grown license has been granted for a range of medicinal products by Helius, to be derived from cannabis cultivated in New Zealand.

The Buy New Zealand Made Campaign will allow Helius to use its iconic Kiwi trademark to promote New Zealand grown and extracted cannabis products in global export markets.

“New Zealand Grown is a trusted trademark for consumers of plant based extracts with medicinal properties,” said Buy New Zealand Made Executive Director, Ryan Jennings.

“We look forward to seeing Kiwi biotech company Helius Therapeutics differentiate their product in market through the New Zealand Grown labelling.”

Helius says the New Zealand Grown license is a powerful marketing tool that will give consumers confidence that its products are of authentic Kiwi origin.

Executive Director and Co-Founder of Helius Therapeutics, Paul Manning, said “We have a vertically integrated business model; growing, developing and manufacturing medicinal cannabis products in New Zealand. From here, we will export premium, locally-made products to the world”.

“Our marketing strategy will strongly leverage New Zealand provenance. Our products will carry the New Zealand Grown trademark so they can be clearly identified as containing cannabis cultivated and manufactured in New Zealand”.

“Like our kiwifruit promoted by Zespri and milk products by Fonterra, New Zealand grown medicinal cannabis is expected to command a premium in the global marketplace”, says Manning.

Scale through exporting will also help Helius keep product costs down in the New Zealand market, leveraging economies of scale to ensure affordability for Kiwis.

The global market for cannabis internationally is experiencing staggering growth. Cannabis is one of the world’s fastest growing industries with a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 34.6%. Demand is outstripping supply of GMP-certified medicinal cannabis products. Helius is banking on its brand and New Zealand Grown license to help differentiate locally-made products in overseas markets.

“The global cannabis market is estimated to reach NZ$200 billion by 2025. There is enormous value in being New Zealand Grown and this will be a key point of difference for Helius products competing on the world stage”.

"There is a unifying quality behind local health and food brands succeeding on the world stage, and it is their unique New Zealand story", said Manning.

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