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Helius hosts Healthcare Professionals at education event

Helius opened its doors this month to doctors and pharmacists to share more about how medicinal cannabis is made right here in Auckland. Guests were treated to an educational presentation by Dr Michael Murphy, Clinical Director of a specialist medicinal cannabis clinic, CannaPlus+. He talked about the history of cannabis, various dosage forms and approaches as well as where to find more information.

CEO, Carmen Doran shared a bit about the history of the site and the company as well as giving a safety briefing before guests took a tour of the facility - definitely a highlight of the evening. The tour highlighted the Helius GMP Analytical testing laboratories where both new products in the pipeline as well as those being supplied to patients are tested at every step of the process. Guests were shown through the indoor highly controlled cultivation facility which is one of the most advanced medicinal cannabis facilities in the southern hemisphere. They learned about the various growing stages of the plant and how the team keep the outputs consistent through controlling variables before moving on to the

extraction facility where cannabinoids are separated from plant matter to create an active ingredient used to make our medicines.

If you’re a healthcare professional and would like to join us for our next event, please reach out on

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