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24-26 July 2019

Learn the key considerations in prescribing medical cannabis from world-leading expert, Professor Mike Barnes at New Zealand's first CPD-endorsed Masterclass in Medical Cannabis for Physicians.
British neurologist and Europe’s pre-eminent medical cannabis expert, Professor Mike Barnes, is leading three professional training events designed specifically for physicians in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch on 24-26 July 2019.


This Masterclass in Medical Cannabis has been endorsed by The Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners (RNZCGP) and has been approved for up to 4.5 CME credits, for the General Practice Educational Programme (GPEP) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) purposes.

The masterclasses will mark New Zealand’s first endorsed CPD training in medical cannabis for healthcare professionals on a national scale. Arms-length sponsorship from local cannabis biotech company, Helius Therapeutics, has now made these masterclasses free of charge for New Zealand healthcare professionals. The events include refreshments, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

Cannabis-based medicinal products are an emerging field of clinical practice. Imminent regulatory changes in New Zealand are creating a surge in patient enquiries, concerning a range of therapeutic possibilities. 

However, a majority of physicians feel more training is needed to understand how medical cannabis products work, in order to administer the best possible care to their patients.

We invite you to join New Zealand's first CME Masterclass in Medical Cannabis, designed specifically for physicians. Learn about the core considerations in prescribing medical cannabis products with neurologist, Professor Mike Barnes. 

About the trainer, Professor Mike Barnes MD

Director of Education at London-based The Academy of Medical Cannabis, author of more than a dozen books and 200 published papers, Professor Mike Barnes is widely recognised as the leading European expert on medical cannabis.

In 2016, the United Kingdom government commissioned Professor Barnes to write The Barnes Report which became a catalyst to the eventual rescheduling of medical cannabis across the region in November 2018.


As well as sitting on various boards in Canada and other parts of the world, Professor Barnes is operationally involved in ensuring medical professionals at every level are well-informed on the subject of medical cannabis. 

New Zealand's Masterclass in Medical Cannabis will provide a sound foundation of knowledge in how medical cannabis works, safety and risk management considerations, through to how to consult with patients and prescribe products, where there is a sufficient evidence base for application.

A recent survey of healthcare professionals by Horizon Research revealed that 76% of GPs in New Zealand feel a need to be better informed about medical cannabis and how to prescribe relevant products. As such, a majority of physicians believe more training is needed to understand how cannabis-based medicinal products work, in order to administer the best possible care.  

Another recently-released Horizon survey has shown 34% of adults are likely to seek advice on medical cannabis in the next year, with a majority of GPs already fielding enquiries from their patients1 exploring possibilities. 

Learning objectives

  • Understand the fundamentals of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and be able to explain it to both a patient and a colleague not familiar with it.

  • Be able to describe the key chemical compoundsin the cannabis plant used clinically including CBD, THCA, THC, and terpenes.

  • Understand side effectsof medical cannabis, both long and short-term. 

  • Know therelative and absolute contraindicationsto prescribing medical cannabis.

  • Be able to apply a medical cannabis care planminimising side effects and psychoactivity and maximising efficacy for a variety of chronic conditions within your area of specialisation.

  • Understand the potential safety issuesof medical cannabis use and how to counsel patients on these concerns.

  • Review different delivery systemsfor medical cannabinoids including oral oils, vaporised products, and how/when to use.

  • Understand the currentcannabis products available for prescribers on the New Zealand market.

  • Understand the patient clinic flow, both direct to specialist and in-house GP-referred streams, and triaging system.

  • Review validated questionnaire toolsused to assess and monitor patient response and symptoms.

  • Understand the basic language of cannabinoid medicinefrom a scientific perspective.

  • Be able to confidently counsel patients on potential risksof medical cannabis and use in relative contraindication cases where appropriate.

  • Understand CV risksand management of patients with CV risk factors with medical cannabis products.

  • How to report adverse events.

  • Be able to conduct an initial cannabis medicine-focused visit, appropriate to your speciality.

  • Be able to conduct a follow-up cannabis medicine visits, including dosage adjustment, CBD and THC content and cultivar switching where needed.

  • How touse and dose available products, read labels and write a medical cannabis prescription. 

  • Understand the current regulatory environmentin New Zealand.

  • Understand medical cannabis legality in global contextand where to get information for other countries if patients ask and travel advice.


Don't miss out on New Zealand's first, CPD-endorsed Masterclass in Medical Cannabis with Professor Mike Barnes. Spaces are strictly limited and available only to healthcare professionals.

Book Now

Spaces are strictly limited and available only to healthcare professionals. 

Free for Professionals

Includes refreshments, lunch 
morning and afternoon tea.


Wednesday 24 July 2019

The Maritime Room

149 Quay Street, Viaduct Harbour

10am - 4:30pm


Thursday 25 July 2019

Michael Fowler Centre

111 Wakefield Street, Wellington City

10am - 4:30pm


Friday 26 July 2019

Crowne Plaza

764 Colombo Street, Christchurch City

10am - 4:30pm

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Download a full copy of Cannabis: The Evidence for Medical Use by Professor Michael P Barnes MD FRCP and Dr Jennifer C Barnes DPsychol