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24-26 July 2019

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MedCan Summit 2020 is New Zealand's first international medicinal cannabis conference. Supported by Helius as the Foundation Sponsor, MedCan will bring together leading experts, scientists, clinicians, entrepreneurs, investors, policy makers and thought leaders to share first-hand insights and up-to-date information about the world of medicinal cannabis.
Connecting medicine, science,
industry and technology for
a new frontier of care
Main summit: Thursday 19 March
Pre-Summit Workshops: Wednesday 18 March
Venue: SkyCity Convention Centre, Auckland
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Welcome to MedCan 2020

The purpose of MedCan Summit 2020 is to educate and enable the New Zealand medicinal cannabis sector. We want to ensure that New Zealanders are equipped to maximise the opportunities that medicinal cannabis brings – improving quality of life and fuelling economic growth.

MedCan Summit 2020 has been created to inspire and inform:

  • Healthcare professionals

  • Academics

  • Researchers

  • Government officials

  • Business

  • Investors

  • Entrepreneurs and innovators

  • Cultivators

  • Patients

Visit the official MedCan website here.


Learn from leading international and national thought leaders on everything from seed to sale, clinical trials, prescribing, patient case studies as well as the social, cultural and economic benefits to New Zealand. Explore the content through the core pillars of medicine, science, industry and technology to further understand the complexity of cannabis as a medicine.

“It is an exciting time in New Zealand for medicinal cannabis and I am delighted to be part of MedCan 2020 to ensure that the scientific knowledge is disseminated to patients, practitioners, scientists and industry on the benefits of medicinal cannabis”

– Professor Raphael Mechoulam, PhD, Professor at the University of Jerusalem

Read about MedCan's speakers here.

Event Programme

Healthcare professionals will receive accredited education covering everything from prescribing and dispensing medicinal cannabis, to the current body of evidence and safety considerations.

Science, technology and industry stakeholders will learn about the business of cannabis, world markets, new technologies, and international research.

Patients will discover how cannabis is being used to treat many different conditions, and how products are accessed in New Zealand.

Learn about the event programme here.

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