All our medicinal cannabis products will be organised into The Helius Index. This system provides you with an easy way to determine the potency of primary active ingredients in every Helius product. 


Understanding cannabinoid ratios and potency is important. There are nine categories in The Helius Index. These clearly and consistently differentiate our products by the potency of their active ingredients; CBD-dominant, THC-dominant, or CBD and THC-balanced. 


Many patients prefer an alternative to the conventional method of smoking products. There are several options available, including the use of medicinal cannabinoid extracts. You can use cannabis as an oral medicine, sublingually (under the tongue), topically, and you can even inhale it without smoking, through a vapouriser.


Medicinal cannabis extracts start out as cannabis oil and are formulated into a wide variety of delivery media, such as soft gel caplets, edible drops and topical creams. Using cannabis oil extracts can yield different medical benefits to conventionally smoking raw flowers.


Smoking raw cannabis has proven effective in treating diseases like glaucoma and nausea. It can be used to alleviate chronic pain and may even help reduce the size or stop the growth of cancer, as well as stop the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Cannabis oil is also used to treat cancer and nausea, but additionally can improve sleep, protect the skin, combat stress and anxiety and promote heart health. 


Both extracts and raw cannabis may be used to treat symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), headaches and migraines. They may also be used to combat the symptoms of multiple sclerosis and premenstrual syndrome. 


Typically, extract oil contains concentrated cannabinoid profiles for more potency. Most extracts are cannabidiol (CBD) dominant, meaning they have little or no psychoactive effect on the patient. 


Locally-produced medicinal cannabis products are expected to become accessible to New Zealanders sometime between 2019 and 2020.


The Medicinal Cannabis Amendment Bill passed in December 2018 and is now an Act.


These changes are part of the government’s plan to introduce legislation that will vastly improve access to medicinal cannabis products for those who can benefit from their therapeutic properties. The changes are based on principles of fairness, quality, safety and compassion.


Helius has one of the New Zealand's first licences to cultivate medicinal cannabis for research purposes.

The Ministry of Health is currently leading work to develop a Medicinal Cannabis Scheme that will enable Helius tcommercially grow and produce products. 


Enabling domestic cultivation and manufacture will make medical-grade cannabis therapeutics more readily available and affordable. Helius expects this new regulatory framework will remove a barrier for patients accessing medicinal cannabis, as health practitioners will be able to prescribe our GMP-certified products with confidence.


Doctors in New Zealand are able to prescribe medicinal cannabis products today, however this applies only to approved imported products. 


Before you book an appointment with your doctor, we recommend you do as much research as you can on medicinal cannabis as a treatment for your particular condition. If you can find evidence that medicinal cannabis has helped other people with your condition, bring a copy of the study or article with you. A scholarly journal or academic study will be your best source, but less formal sources like patient testimonials or blog posts can also be helpful.


Clearly identify the symptoms that you feel can be better managed with medical cannabis. Make a list of the medicines and therapies you have already tried and mark which have, and which have not, worked. Medicinal cannabis is often prescribed when conventional medicine are not working satisfactorily.


Here are some questions that you can ask your doctor during your visit:


  • Given my condition, could medicinal cannabis be a valid treatment for me?

  • Is medicinal cannabis safe for me to use?

  • Will taking medicinal cannabis interact with my other medications?

  • What are the side effects?


Cannabis-based medicines present a unique opportunity for use as therapeutic alternatives to many conventional pharmaceutical medicines. If you doctor is not comfortable prescribing medical cannabis, ask if he or she would be willing to refer you to a specialist with cannabinoid expertise.


In New Zealand, we're working on a program called Helius Assist to provide compassionate pricing for New Zealanders in need of financial assistance to obtain their medicinal cannabis products.


Helius Assist will offer a compassionate pricing program for those with a Community Services Card. Under the Helius Assist program, eligible patients will receive a 25% discount on all Helius medicinal cannabis products.


As part of our ongoing commitment to improving our patients’ experience, Helius Assist will also provide cover for veterans who have served in the New Zealand Armed Forces. 


We are committed to providing the best quality products and service in the industry. Helius is working with the government and pharmacies now and we plan to activate Helius Assist in New Zealand by mid-2020. 


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