Helius co-founder Paul Manning appointed ambassador for national cannabis reform

Paul Manning, co-founder of Helius Therapeutics, will join an impressive team of public ambassadors for medicinal cannabis reform in New Zealand.

An alliance of New Zealanders across political parties, religious affiliations, and backgrounds is coming together to spark a national discussion about cannabis law reform in the lead up to the country's planned referendum.

They share the goal of implementing a cannabis policy that will reduce harm and maximise the wellbeing of all New Zealanders.

Start the Conversation was founded by Dunedin cannabis expert Abe Gray and lawyer Jin An Hirst, to provide the New Zealand public with the full range of evidence required to make an informed decision when they vote in the upcoming Adult Cannabis Use Referendum.

The new organisation boasts an impressive team of public ambassadors made up of well-known kiwi artists, academics and entrepreneurs including; Lucy Lawless, Millie Elder-Holmes, double Olympic athlete and BMX champion Marc Willers, drug counsellor Roger Brooking, drug policy expert Dr Julian Buchanan, and Helius co-founder Paul Manning.

The ambassadors are committed to providing the New Zealand public with the latest information about cannabis, based on research and evidence. The team will explore the medicinal qualities of cannabis, the impacts of prohibition and legalisation, and the emerging international industry.

Through events, campaigns and digital activity, the ambassadors will play a key part in making the referendum conversation robust and enlightening.

Winter Panel 18 is the first in a series of public events to be held throughout New Zealand.

Taking place on the 5th of August 2018, 7pm at The PumpHouse Theatre in Takapuna, Auckland – Paul Manning will be joined by Lucy Lawless, Dr Huana Hickey and Marc Willers to discuss the forthcoming cannabis reform.

Tickets to Winter Panel 18 are available here.

The full list of ambassadors, the latest evidence from cannabis research, and an overview of the organisation are set out here.

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