EnWave tech helps Helius unlock new medicinal cannabis opportunities

Helius Therapeutics recently signed a New Zealand-exclusive license with EnWave Corporation to use its proprietary drying technology. Now, the company is preparing to unlock new medicinal cannabis opportunities with innovative drying and dehydration.

Helius, EnWave Radiant Energy Dehydration

Radiant Energy Dehydration (REV) is a rapid, low temperature drying method that maintains cannabis compounds during the drying process. EnWave's patented vacuum-microwave technology enables uniform drying with flexible moisture content, unattainable with conventional air drying or freeze drying.

Using EnWave's REV technology, provides Helius extreme precision over the final moisture content in cannabis, enabling a long shelf life of medicinal dry flower. We can rapidly, gently dry cannabis in a way that preserves the plant's active components. Importantly, the technology helps us to preserve cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and other therapeutic compounds in cannabis.

Rapid Dehydration: From fresh to dry cannabis in 45 minutes

EnWave’s low-temperature process means Helius can quickly and uniformly dry organic material to the precise moisture needed for vaporisable, combustible or extractable flower.

Quality dried flower

  • Low temperature drying retains cannabinoids and terpenes

  • Low-pressure drying prevents oxidation

  • Gentle process preserves resin-coated calyxes

  • Delivers excellent aroma and appearance

Fast drying times

  • 45 minutes from fresh to dry (80% to 10% – or to 2%!)

  • Vacuum pressures lower boiling point for fast water removal

  • Semi-continuous automated process


  • Dry large volumes with a small machine footprint, reducing the need for oversize drying rooms

  • Prevents inventory loss from microbial spoilage

  • Closed cycle drying captures volatilised terpenes for sale or use in product formulation


  • Drying capacities range from 52 – 105 kg of wet untrimmed flower per hour (115 – 231 lbs per hour) in the medium and large scale machines

  • Process about 420,000 kg (about 925,000 lbs) of wet untrimmed flower per year resulting in about 95,000 kg (about 209,000 lbs) of dry flower per year (in two 8-hour shifts per day operation, 5 days per week).

Robust, flexible system

  • Automated tray unloading/washing/drying available

  • 24/7 operational reliability

  • Proven technology with worldwide machine installations

Compliance with New Zealand (and international) regulations

  • Equipment is GMP-certified and can be certified organic

  • Ready for clean-in-place (CIP) automation or COP

  • Compliance certifications: Process recording

Designed for manufacturing convenience

  • Full PLC control for process automation

  • Remote monitoring of HMI via online connection

  • Menu driven protocol selection enables easy selection of protocols you develop for specific cannabis strains

  • Equipment and protocol monitoring and recording

  • Gravity drainage and SOP for sanitising

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