Entrepreneurs nipping 'weed' stigma in the bud

Helius headlined the cover of NBR this week with the story of how the co-founders plan to tackle the latent stigma associated with cannabis.

To follow is an excerpt from The National Business Review.

Entrepreneur Paul Manning started his first successful business when he was just 22. Almost 20 years later he, and fellow co-founders, are taking a bet on the transformation of a black-market product into a legitimate one. They have $15 million backing from local investors, but their biggest hurdle will be breaking down the stigma attached to cannabis.

This 'education gap' means the marketing expert will run education and public awareness campaigns on cannabis, ahead of selling the Helius brand.

Mr Manning says while there is a clear commercial opportunity, it is the social opportunity that drives him and the team.

"Our purpose is really clear. Helius Therapeutics exists to improve quality of life. If we can do that, we will sleep well at night knowing we have left a positive social footprint."

Read the full story here in The National Business Review by Dane Ambler.

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