We're want to hear from local cannabis breeders who are interested in supplying genetics for the country's medicinal cannabis scheme.  


New Zealand Government has signalled that as a licensed producer, Helius will be allowed to onboard unique New Zealand cannabis strains, already in the country. 

Access to local strains will happen through an amnesty which may last only a few weeks. The dates of this amnesty have not yet been published, but we want to hear from breeders now so we're well prepared.

We’ve developed a commercial program to ensure breeders are recognised and their strains are protected. Breeders will receive an upfront Genetics Fee and the opportunity of ongoing royalties for strains that are adopted by for use in our medicinal cannabis cultivation. Helius will cover the costs of characterising these local strains, which will be done in our analytical laboratory

New Zealand’s breeders can contact us in confidence through the secure web form on this page. Alternatively, you can email

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